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A Private Lake

After deciding a recent heat wave was going to be a little too much to bear when you live in a little apartment with no A/C, I took off to the mountains. I have been reading lots about all the lakes in the Serra’s and the insane amount of Brook Trout in them and it…

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Sweaty Trip Memories

What is the best thing you can do in a 120 degree dessert? Surf or corse. In the middle of a sand dune riddled country lies a oasis in the form of a wave pool. By far one of the funnest days I have had traveling and experiencing a far away country. The locals were…

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Last Nights Walk

Last night I took a walk down to the tide pools on the North Shore of Oahu to capture a couple images. I have been wanting to get this photo for awhile and only had about 10 minutes of the ideal lighting to work with. I only ended up getting about 6 photos but I…

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