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Summer Pool Party

The start to summer for me is always marked by the Vans Pool Party. I have been producing the Live broadcast for this event for the past many years. For me watching legends take to the legendary pool is like watching your childhood heroes in their heyday. Then my mind gets blown again by the…

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Sweaty Trip Memories

What is the best thing you can do in a 120 degree dessert? Surf or corse. In the middle of a sand dune riddled country lies a oasis in the form of a wave pool. By far one of the funnest days I have had traveling and experiencing a far away country. The locals were…

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Kelly Slater Interview

Here is a interview I shot with Kelly Slater for the Inertia. Not your typical Slater interview. Enjoy.

Super 8mm Pool Party

Not the pool party you maybe were thinking about. This was shot in 2008 at the Vans Pool Party (then it was called the Protec Pool Party). I have been producing the event since then with Uncle Toads Media Group and look forward to going every year and can honestly say its one of my…

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