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Volcom Pipe Pro

I kicked off 2014 in Hawaii at the Volcom Pipe Pro. I have been working this event since Volcom took the reigns in 2010. The event is always fun considering it usually gets some of the best waves for any contest help at Pipeline during the year. Volcom always makes sure to have fun and…

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Kelly Slater Interview

Here is a interview I shot with Kelly Slater for the Inertia. Not your typical Slater interview. Enjoy.

Super 8mm Pool Party

Not the pool party you maybe were thinking about. This was shot in 2008 at the Vans Pool Party (then it was called the Protec Pool Party). I have been producing the event since then with Uncle Toads Media Group and look forward to going every year and can honestly say its one of my…

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Last Nights Walk

Last night I took a walk down to the tide pools on the North Shore of Oahu to capture a couple images. I have been wanting to get this photo for awhile and only had about 10 minutes of the ideal lighting to work with. I only ended up getting about 6 photos but I…

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